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Calling individuals with deep interest in self-discovery, personal growth, and peak performance! Join us in beautiful San Diego, CA, for an epic, educational and experiential adventure with highly accomplished wellness professionals, athletes, scientists, business people, artists, musicians, and more.

Interact with experts in the fields of performance physiology, psychology, coaching, nutrition, and technology.

The Venue

Tropical hideaway located right on the beach, complete with pool, spa, and tons of activities within walking distance.


Unique selection of activities designed to gradually bring you to the deep flow state where transformation happens!

P3 Expo

A two-level exhibit hall packed with the latest products, tools, software, and information in peak performance.

Optimal Health and Personal Peak Performance are for Everyone!

Wellness professionals, elite athletes, weekend warriors, artists, entrepreneurs, business executives, parents, students, and trend setters… you are invited to three days of physical and mind-expanding exploration of peak performance and flow states: their triggers, benefits, risks, and role in human achievement.


Together, we will explore the expanse of performance solutions that will empower you to control your health, achieve resistance to disease, and extend your functional longevity.


Inspired by the author of Boundless, Ben Greenfield, and performance pioneers like Tim Ferris, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Steven Kotler, Scott Carney, and others, the P3 Summit unites peak performance science with its practical application through biometrics, nutrition, supplementation, and training methodology.

May 20-22, 2022 in San Diego, CA!


Click here to download the schedule as it currently stands. More details coming soon!


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