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Prosper With Purpose: Creating a Great Income in the Fields of Massage Therapy and Chinese Medicine

Check out this recording of an interview with event host was Alee Hoffman and three successful PCOM-Chicago alumni on insider tips for running a financially successful and truly impactful practice. Some of their answers may surprise you! We hope you enjoy the insightful and inspiring content as...

MaMassage: The Benefits of Prenatal Massage for Mamas-to-be

I believe massage therapy has a ripple effect--a radiating energy, an extension of our clients’ own healing processes, on through to the other humans within their circle. In our work with pregnant clients, this connection is even more obvious, and infinitely rewarding. When we work with a woman who is carrying another human inside her, we are essentially working with two people simultaneously. As practitioners of touch therapy, we must be fully present to be mindful of that fact. Part of our role as therapist is to educate our clients (and other health care practitioners) about the many benefits that purposeful bodywork engenders for both the mother and the baby.


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