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Prosper With Purpose: Creating a Great Income in the Fields of Massage Therapy and Chinese Medicine

Check out this recording of an interview with event host was Alee Hoffman and three successful PCOM-Chicago alumni on insider tips for running a financially successful and truly impactful practice. Some of their answers may surprise you! We hope you enjoy the insightful and inspiring content as...

Reaction Without Thought: An Interview with Herman Kauz, Tai Chi Master

Herman Kauz has been a prominent teacher of tai chi for over 60 years. For the past 15 years, he has instructed the free Push-Hands class on the San Diego campus. In the 1970s, he trained with Cheng Man-ching, himself a student of Yang Chengfu, who was one of the most famous teachers of tai chi ever to have lived. Cheng Man-ching’s short-form Yang-style tai chi, one of the first to be introduced to the West, has since become the most widespread style of the art in the Unites States.

Moods In the Clinic

There is a rise in the incidence of mood disorders. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, rage, eating disorders, substance abuse, and many more are becoming common. There are also moods secondary to complaints, such as the fear and anxiety that may accompany a diagnosis like cancer or infertility; the disappointment of training for an event, only to get an injury; the difficulty of living with conditions like pain, insomnia, and trauma. There are also everyday concerns for our finances, reputation, relationships, family and friends, the environment, and more.

Are You The Marrying Kind of Acupuncturist?

What is a marriage? Two people joining together to be more than either one alone. Of course, that’s just one aspect of a marriage. In addition to the union of two people, we use the term “marriage” to describe other types of joining, such as a marriage of form and function, marriage of words and art, or the provocative William Blake title of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. This article discusses the marriage of acupuncture and psychology.


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