Dr. Trisha Smith Speaker

Peak performance with Dr. Trisha Smith
Dr. Trisha Smith Speaker

Dr. Trisha Smith, DC is the founder of Expand Your Human, a lifestyle clinician, and breathing coach. She was one of the first US Wim Hof Method Certified Instructors and is a lead instructor with the Wim Hof Method Academy. Doc Trish has spent beyond a decade passionately researching how we can harness our own biology to be the most optimal version of ourselves. She specializes in leveraging stress and deliberate rest, optimizing sleep, and utilizing breathwork to elevate our physical and mental health.

Trish has worked with professional athletes, including the San Diego Padres, celebrities, and high-performance companies and professionals- Stryker Medical, Rise & Shine Hospitality Group, Wandr, YPO, Jesse Itzler, Lewis Howes, Jim Kwik, Rebecca Louise, and Kate Hancock. She also has spoken on some notable stages- Summit of Greatness, Wim Hof Method Experience, 29029 Everesting, Summit LA18, and Think Better Live Better.

Trish leads retreats, teaches at masterminds, coaches corporate wellness, and facilitates Wim Hof Method as a Level 3 Instructor. She is on a mission to empower people in their own physical, mental, and sleep health- optimizing their human performance and expanding their human.


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