This year, the summit will be held at the beautiful Catamaran Resort Hotel in San Diego, California, a tropical hideaway located right on the beach, complete with pool, spa, and tons of activities and restaurants within walking distance.

This event is targeted toward serious fitness, wellness, and peak performance enthusiasts. Although it is not targeted toward researchers or healthcare professionals, the content does assume some prior familiarity with these subjects.

Please check out our cancellation policy page for more info.

Children of any age are welcome at the resort. However, children can only attend conference events if they are registered separately. There is no discount available for children. The event will not be providing childcare services.

Dinner is included for VIP pass holders. Dinner will be served buffet style with a selection of grain/starch, bean, nuts/seeds, fruits/vegetables, and meat/fish dishes. The Mission Beach area has a wide selection of restaurants at all price points. There are many healthy options available, including at least one dedicated vegan establishment.

Yes, see rates and make your reservation.

Registrants will be notified when the sign-up sheets for the limited space experiences open.

Dinner is included for VIP pass holders.

We will be seeking approval for many of the sessions from acupuncture, chiropractic, nursing, massage, and health coaching boards.

All lectures will be live streamed.

The exhibit hall will open at 1 PM on Friday, May 20 and be open all day long throughout the rest of the event. If you’re interested in becoming an exhibitor, go here

There will be a happy hour in the late afternoon on the first day of the event as well as a dinner for VIP pass holders on the same evening. There’s also a party with live entertainment and drinks on the second night of the event.

The VIP pass includes access to dinner and an evening innovation panel as well as many other goodies. See the product description. The gold pass includes access to all presentations and experiences except for the dinner and innovation panel on the first night of the event. The silver pass is very similar to the gold pass except that the morning general sessions for silver pass holders take place in a separate room from the main stage. Silver pass holders will be able to view the morning general session presentations on a big screen. Silver pass holders will have full access to all experiential activities as well as concurrent afternoon sessions. Silver pass holders can also choose to watch the morning general sessions on a live stream.

All sessions will be recorded.

Video recordings of lectures will be available for attendees up to six months after the end of the event.

A conference audio package will be available to event participants.

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Pacific College follows all local, state, and federal requirements. Vaccination and testing is NOT required in the city of San Diego for events of the size. The state of California currently requires the wearing of masks indoors by those who are unvaccinated. Hotel guests are expected to follow the rules, but neither the hotel nor Pacific College will be checking vaccination status. If you have a fever or any symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, you should not be present in the conference area or hotel common areas. If you become ill after arriving, you will have the option of converting your registration to a fully online pass or receiving a refund for any days that you were unable to participate.