Faculty - Chicago

Harris, Mitch, LAc, MSTOM

Mitchell Harris graduated with honors from New York University's Film and Television Tisch School of the Arts. His undergraduate thesis work in experimental documentary video was nominated for a grant by faculty and was screened in several countries. Deciding to be more hands in his desire to help...

Howell, Lori, LAc, MSTOM

Lori Howell is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and has completed advanced studies in Chinese Medicine at Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and Bantautak Traditional Medicine Hospital in Thailand. She is the Assistant Academic Dean and teaches in the...

Hurrle, Tom, MSOM, LAc

Tom Hurrle teaches Japanese Style Acupuncture at The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Chicago. He uses Shakuju and Japanese Meridian Therapy, methods based on refined palpation and delicate needle technique. He is a past president of the Illinois Association of Acupuncture and Oriental...
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